Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative

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The Maine Chapter, AAP partnered with the Maine Center for Public Health on a project to bring together clinical experts, primary care practices, and community partners to develop local expertise and shared goals among clinical practice teams in order to improve management and decrease youth overweight within the state.

Tools, reports, and other information can be found here.

Project Goals:

Goal 1: Establish a collaborative of committed pediatric practice leaders with Title V Medical Director, consulting pediatric endocrinologist, nutritionist, and child psychologist.

Goal 2: Gather evidence base/literature review on most effective interventions.

Goal 3: Establish office support and tracking systems for overweight management.

Goal 4: Conduct learning collaborative sessions to implement rapid cycle Plan/Do/Study/Act practices and introduce Behavior Change methodologies.

Goal 5: Develop methodologies for addressing mental health issues as they relate to overweight

Goal 6: Establish algorithms for treating very overweight children.

Project Highlights:

- The MYOC developed specific nutritional tools and interventions for use by the participating pediatric practices.

- The MYOC developed tools for addressing the mental health aspects of overweight specifically concerning very overweight children (over 95% BMI), issues of depression and/or eating disorders that may be related to overweight, and motivational interviewing models and tools for pediatric practices.

- The MYOC conducted site visits to provide support to practices as they attempt to implement and systematize practice changes.

- The MYOC held learning collaborative sessions on November 4-5, 2004 and on May 19-20, 2005. These sessions focused on orienting practice teams to the Model for Improvement, basic training on calculating BMI, reviewing elements of practice change strategies, providing resources for physical fitness activities, and reviewing decision support and clinical information systems needed to track progress on this collaborative.

- The Maine Chapter AAP Spring Educational Conference on May 7-8, 2005, titled “Update on Childhood Obesity: Integrating Clinical Evaluation, Management, and Prevention” and featuring Dr. Bill Dietz of the CDC as the keynote speaker, included a one and a half hour panel presentation on the Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative.